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I was getting ready for church this morning but wasn't completely dressed when we got 3 phone calls from church people telling us that the church parking lot was frozen solid and they were cancelling church because there was no way to deal with the ice. So we stayed home. I did have to go out, however, to get some groceries and gas in the car but it is so handy not to have to go to Valpo all the time to get food. We now have a grocery store here in this little village and it's great.
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We went to Kos. co. this weekend to see my mother and I attended an area rehearsal for the Melody Makers of Indiana. We got back into Porter co. just before 5:00 and as it was beginning to rain. We talked about going up to Valpo for supper but since the rain was starting to freeze on the car we decided to get a big steak from Tysen's and stay in. A steak dinner and a movie at home with your sweetie on a cold windy rainy night.....What could be better?

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We have lots of snow today. The sunny blue sky and crisp cold air bring back fond memories of warm happy childhood snow days and even some adult snowdays. I remember the blizzard of '78 and how we were snowbound for 4 days. After it was over some enterprising mind produced T-shirts that read "I survived the blizzard of "78."

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